The Light Princess
I am currently working on an opera based on George MacDonald’s short story The Light Princess. Act I is nearing completion and the following excerpts were performed in May of 2013 at Boston University:

The Curse
The Curse
A Little Breeze
A Little Breeze
Laughing Jag
Good and Bad
The Light Princess-Good and Bad


After many years of disappointment, Queen Beryl and King Mica finally have a child, whom they name Celestine. After being left out of the celebrations, the King’s sister, Marcasite, curses the child with lack of gravity, causing much discord in the royal household.

A grown up Celestine discovers that she attains normal gravity when swimming in the castle lake. During one of her night swims, Celestine meets the wandering Prince Lazuli and the pair begin to fall in love.

Marcasite makes an unsuccessful attempt to convince Celestine to fully embrace her condition and ignore the expectations of the court. Thwarted in her efforts, Marcasite casts a spell to drain the lake in hopes of inspiring Celestine look beyond the royal court and castle for fulfillment.

The court ministers determine that in order to stop the drainage, someone must sacrifice themselves and use their body to stop up the lake. Lazuli volunteers on the condition that Celestine keep him company until the lake is restored.

As Lazuli begins to drown, Celestine kisses him one last time, thereby saving his life. Rather than freeing Celestine from her curse, the kiss transfers Celestine’s powers of levitation to Lazuli, and the couple float off together.